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Industrial Vacuum Pumps

With a diverse range of offerings, including oil lubricated, dry running, and liquid ring solutions, we bring innovative technologies that cater to a wide range of applications and industries. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products, as we collaborate with a network of experienced distributors to deliver tailored solutions for your specific needs. Discover how our advanced vacuum and compressed gas solutions can reduce energy consumption, enhance reliability and uptime, eliminate pollution, and generate significant cost savings.

With contact-free operation and internal compression, our technology ensures significant energy savings, reduced power consumption, and lower overall cost of ownership compared to traditional designs. Experience precision-engineered claws, synchronized by a precision gear set, for optimal performance and contactless, oil-free compression. Embrace our patent-pending triple lobe rotor design, eliminating multiple stages and streamlining efficiency. Discover the future of vacuum and pressure generation with our advanced dry running claw technology.

Discover our wide range of oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, perfect for diverse industrial applications. With features like long vane life, low noise level, high water vapor tolerance, and options for oxygen conveying pumps, we offer reliable solutions tailored to your needs.

Additionally, explore our eco-friendly dry running rotary vane pumps, providing low noise operation, easy maintenance, and robust performance for industrial vacuum and pressure applications. Trust us for efficient and sustainable solutions.

Our rotary lobe vacuum pumps and compressors operate through static compression systems, ensuring contamination-free operation and efficient air flow. Air enters the inlet opening and is conveyed through a series of cells without reduction. At the outlet, external compression occurs as higher pressure air flows into the following cell for discharge. Experience reliable performance and seamless operation with our innovative design.

These highly efficient pumps operate without the need for lubrication in the pumping chamber, ensuring a dry and contamination-free operation. Equipped with two parallel screw rotors and timing gears, they deliver high vacuum levels in a single stage. With exceptional vapor and liquid tolerance, easy servicing, and low noise and vibration levels, our screw pumps are designed for optimal performance. Enjoy the advantages of contact-less operation, application-specific options, and rapid evacuation capabilities. Trust Elmo Rietschle for clean, reliable, and efficient vacuum solutions.

These advanced pumps require no lubrication in the pumping chamber, eliminating process contamination and pollution. Powered by optimized water lubricated technology, these pumps generate both pressure and vacuum, making them versatile and efficient. The impeller’s centrifugal forces create pressure differentials, while allowing small soft-solids to pass through. With water acting as a cooling agent, these pumps deliver superior performance and extended pump life. Experience the pinnacle of German engineering with features like patented water reclamation system, unique coatings, stainless steel options, bronze alloy impellers, and standard anti-cavitation.

Experience the power and versatility of radial fans, the go-to choice for the packaging and paper industries. These fans excel at extracting dust and fine materials like paper powder and powdered solids. With their cast housing and impellers, they offer unmatched durability and efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of a quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful working environment. Choose radial fans for their robust construction, economic performance, and exceptional reliability.

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