Reciprocating Air Compressor



The work-horse of air compressors.

Reciprocating compressors are known for their durability and are often considered the “work-horse” of air compressors. They offer a small footprint, low installation cost, and low maintenance requirements. Learn more about our reciprocating compressors and explore our comprehensive product portfolio.

Choose the Perfect Compressor for Your Requirements

Reciprocating compressors are designed to decrease volume and increase pressure by utilizing a piston within a chamber. Operating on the principle of reciprocation, these compressors move the piston back and forth to effectively compress air.

There are different types of reciprocating compressors available, including single acting, double acting, and diaphragm compressors. Single acting compressors are commonly used due to their simplicity and suitability for intermittent duty cycles. On the other hand, double acting compressors provide two compression cycles per turn, although they tend to be larger and generate more noise. Diaphragm compressors, with their niche applications, are primarily utilized for compressing water rather than air.

  • Single acting compressors are available in single and multistage configurations.
  • Single-stage compressors reach a maximum pressure of about 125 psi.
  • Multistage compressors use cylinders of different sizes to achieve higher pressures.
  • Reciprocating compressors are designed for intermittent duty applications in harsh environments.
  • They are suitable for applications where the compressor is frequently turned on and off.
  • Common usage areas include auto body shops, tire shops, woodworking facilities, construction sites, amusement parks, and industrial facilities.
  • Low installation costs make them a cost-effective choice.
  • They save energy in no-load conditions and operate efficiently at partial load.
  • Lower maintenance requirements due to fewer moving parts compared to other compressor types.

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