Oil Water Separators



Air Compressor Water Separators for Clean and Sustainable Operations

Keep your compressed air system clean and environmentally responsible with our cutting-edge air compressor water separators. These separators are specifically designed to remove oil and lubricants from condensation, ensuring optimal performance and compliance. Don’t compromise on the safety and sustainability of your operations—discover our range of advanced solutions today.

Understanding Air Compressor Water Separator Technology Compressed air systems require proper treatment of condensate, which is created when compressed air cools down. Our air compressor water separators ensure the removal of oil from the condensate, preventing contamination and enabling safe disposal. Protect the environment and comply with regulations by reclaiming and disposing of oil in an environmentally safe manner.

Our troubleshooter system effectively separates compressor condensate, reducing contaminants to safe levels. With a delivery system featuring a pneumatically operated pump, clogging is a thing of the past. Operating with improved efficiency, the system requires only compressed air to operate the diaphragm pump. Plus, expanding your air system is a breeze—simply upgrade to a larger filter module. Discover the Gardner Denver troubleshooter for safe and hassle-free air compressor condensate removal.

Introducing the Intelli-Pak System—the pinnacle of oil-water separator technology. Engineered to provide the most effective and user-friendly solution, it sets the industry standard. Our asset encryption on the replacement cartridge guarantees aftermarket security like no other product on the market. With five different capacities available, you can select the unit that perfectly matches the flow of your compressed air system.

Say goodbye to lubricant-contaminated condensate with the CTS Eliminator II. This innovative separator efficiently separates oil for easy disposal, preventing environmental harm. Untreated condensate can have severe consequences, both legally and environmentally. Rest assured, the Eliminator Troubleshooter is here to safely handle your condensate disposal needs.

Experience the pinnacle of oil-water separation technology with our GD PAK Series. Engineered for effectiveness and user-friendliness, these separators offer two distinct lines: standard units and silicone units. The standard units handle various fluids, including hydraulic lubricants and food-grade lubricants. Meanwhile, silicone units are ideal for air compressors using silicone-based lubricants. Say goodbye to contaminants in your compressor condensate and enjoy easy disposal when the PAK system is full.

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