Oil Free Compressor



The Power of Oil-Free Air Compressors with Advanced Technologies!

Air purity is crucial for applications where even a tiny drop of oil can spoil products or damage equipment. Gardner Denver provides a range of oil-free compressor technologies to match your specific requirements: rotary screw, centrifugal, scroll, and reciprocating.

Unlike oil lubricated compressors, our oil-free compressors eliminate the risk of oil contaminating the air. They deliver pure, high-quality compressed air without compromise.

Why Choose Oil-Free Compressors?

  • Superior Air Quality: Oil-free compressors ensure clean and uncontaminated compressed air, meeting stringent industry standards like ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: Experience an efficient and eco-friendly compressed air system with zero oil contamination, promoting a cleaner and greener environment.
  • Cost Savings: With no oil in the compression chamber, oil-free compressors minimize maintenance needs, pressure drops, and downstream filtration requirements, resulting in energy savings and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Introducing Ultima: Our ground-breaking oil-free air compressor, Ultima, revolutionizes performance and efficiency. Its unique design combines low and high-pressure dry screw airends with variable speed motors, delivering exceptional levels of energy efficiency.
  • Experience Peace of Mind: Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures long-lasting equipment. With our comprehensive warranty programs and a dedicated network of distributors offering 24/7 support, we’ve got you covered.
  • Unlock the potential of oil-free air compressors for your industry. Contact us to find the perfect solution for your specific application.

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