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We offer a comprehensive range of condensate management solutions to ensure clean manufacturing processes and products. Our automatic electric condensate drains are designed to discharge liquid oil and water condensates from the compressed air stream, effectively preventing contamination. They are an integral part of our air treatment system, providing reliable condensate removal. Additionally, our electronic timed drains are ideal for managing condensate loads of any size. With advanced timers and durable valve bodies, they offer efficient performance for various applications. Trust Performance Air for reliable condensate management solutions that ensure the integrity of your compressed air system.

Introducing the AED Series Automatic Electric Condensate Drains. Designed to protect manufacturing processes and products, these drains effectively remove liquid oil and water condensates from compressed air streams. They seamlessly integrate into your Gardner Denver air treatment system, ensuring reliable condensate removal. With units handling up to 1500 psig, our drains resist large particles, save labor, prevent tank overflow, and reduce compressed air waste. Upgrade to AED Series for efficient and contamination-free condensate removal.

Introducing the DS4 Motorized Valve Drain from Gardner Denver, the ultimate solution for addressing pipe scale, contaminants, and large particles in your condensate. This robust drain valve handles all types of contaminants without clogging or sticking open. With high-pressure capabilities, corrosion-resistant coating, and a 1/2″ full-flow ball valve that rotates in 7.5 seconds, it ensures reliable performance. The weatherproof enclosure, microprocessor-based electronics, and anti-blockage system add to its functionality. Plus, the battery backup ensures uninterrupted operation during power failures.

This is a pneumatic system that automatically removes liquid, oil, and water contaminants from compressed air components. With a spacious quiet zone and compatible metal bowl, it ensures no re-entrainment of liquid back into the system. Key features include high-pressure capability, energy efficiency, and compatibility with all lubricants. Choose the DS1 Mechanical Drain for reliable contaminant removal without air loss or electricity.

This is a reliable demand drain solution for large condensate loads in compressed air systems. Choose from pneumatic or electronically managed versions, with options ranging from 27 to 77 ounces. Enjoy self-purging, maintenance-free operation, zero air loss, and energy-saving technology. With corrosion-resistant construction and a non-fouling ball valve design, the EvacuatorTM ensures efficient condensate management. Experience hassle-free performance with the largest static capacities available.

Introducing the NA750, the ultimate high-pressure demand-operated drain. This fully automatic unit requires no electricity and boasts a sleek and compact design for easy installation. With its stainless steel vessel and advanced ball valve technology, it effectively removes rust and scale without the hassle of strainers. The NA750 operates on demand, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. Upgrade your condensate management system with this reliable and convenient solution.

Our pneumatically operated condensate drains ensure contamination-free manufacturing by efficiently discharging liquid oil and water condensates from compressed air streams. Our SMD/TMD/BMD Series features a no air-loss actuated design, minimizing compressed air loss. Choose from a range of models with varying pressure and discharge rates to meet your needs. Upgrade your system today for reliable condensate management.

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