Compressed Air Dryer

Air quality plays a crucial role in the efficiency and performance of air systems. And here at Performance Air Compressor Solutions, we understand the importance of properly treated compressed air to boost productivity and ensure top-notch product and process quality. That’s why we offer a wide range of rental air dryers to cater to your specific needs.

Refrigerated Rental Air Dryers – Keep It Cool!

Our refrigerated air dryers are an essential component of your air treatment system. With extensive expertise and knowledge in this field, our team ensures that your rental compressed air system operates at its best. These refrigerated dryers efficiently remove all water and moisture from the compressed air, achieving a dew point as low as 40F. Whether you require a small 50cfm unit or a larger one up to 2000cfm and beyond, we have got you covered!

Desiccant Rental Air Dryers – Ultra-Dry Solutions!

When your applications demand extremely dry air, our fleet of Desiccant Air Dryers comes to the rescue. These powerful dryers can take the dew point of your compressed air down to an impressive -100F. Equipped with built-in prefilters and after filters, we guarantee that your compressed air system will be exceptionally clean and dry. Our Desiccant air dryers are available in various sizes, starting from 50cfm and scaling up to 1500cfm and beyond to meet your requirements.

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