Positive displacement blowers, or PD blowers, are indispensable in industrial applications such as chemical, agriculture, and bulk transport. Gardner Denver leads the industry with their superior range of positive displacement blowers, including bi-lobe, tri-lobe, twisted tri-lobe, and helical screw blowers, along with convenient blower packages. Whether you need individual blowers or complete packages, Gardner Denver’s advanced technology ensures efficient performance for a wide range of industrial needs.

  • Straight Bi Lobe Technology
  • Straight Tri Lobe Technology
  • Twisted Tri Lobe Technology
  • Helical Screw Technology
  • Blower Package

These blowers employ two figure eight rotors (or lobes) that rotate.

Models include:

  • Legend Blower 
  • Legend DSL Bi-Lobe Blower
  • 4500 Series PD Blowers
  • 8000 Series PD Blowers
  • Solid Bi-Lobe PD Blowers

These blowers utilizes straight rotors with three lobe design, less noisy and lower pulsation compared to bi-lobe.

Models include: 

  • RBS Series Blowers
  • Tri Flow Blowers
  • GD-DV Blowers

This blower has helical tri-lobe rotors, smoother pulse operation to extend the life of the bearings.

Model included: 

  • Twisted Tri-Lobe Blower HeliFlow®

These blowers have helical rotors with unique screw design for superior energy savings.

Models included:

  • CycloBlower Helical Screw Blower Technology
  • CycloBlower H.E. SeriesScrew Blowers
  • CycloBlower VHX Series Screw Blower

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