Air Compressor Piping



Optimize Industrial Performance with Gardner Denver’s Compressed Air Piping Solutions

Supercharge your industrial application with Quick-Lock and Big-Lock aluminum compressed air piping from Gardner Denver. Optimize your system with layout, installation, and maintenance. Expect lightweight construction, high flow rates, minimal pressure losses, and smooth internal walls. Installation is a breeze, ensuring ultimate efficiency. Say goodbye to subpar performance and unreliable air supply. These pipes exceed expectations, delivering exceptional performance and corrosion resistance.

The core of Infinity piping is made up of solid brass fittings that are nickel-plated, making the system a breeze to install and use. Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum tubing is super lightweight, allowing one person to handle and install it easily. Plus, when you combine it with top-notch brass fittings, this system delivers unbeatable performance, reliability, and safety.

Quick-Lock piping is designed with multiple industries in mind. It’s perfect for those who just want a simple setup in their home garages, high-tech machine builders, conveyor manufacturers, and more! The standout features of Quick-Lock are its lightweight marine-grade aluminum tubing that won’t ever corrode, and its solid brass fittings with a slick nickel-plated finish.

Elevation piping takes big diameter piping systems to the next level. It’s ten times lighter than steel, but don’t be confused—this design doesn’t compromise on structural strength. Perfect for those who need large-scale air/gas/vacuum setups. The high-quality aluminum alloy used provides top-notch protection against corrosion. With its smooth bore, extruded tubing, the media flowing through the system encounters minimal turbulence, allowing for high flow rates with minimal pressure losses when compared to traditional steel systems.

Air Compressor Installation

At Performance Air Compressor Solutions, we pipe all compressor discharges up and then down into the system header. This clever setup ensures that liquid water won’t get blown downstream and instead gets drained out through drain ports at the lowest point in the system. We’ve got you covered with Isolation Valves on each compressor discharge above the equipment, so you can remove equipment without causing a system shutdown or any obstructions.

When it comes to efficiency, Performance Air Compressor Solutions has your back. We provide a handy drip leg on each compressor discharge. This allows you to easily check air quality and drain the system when it needs servicing. Properly piping an air compressor system is essential for optimal performance of your air dryers and filters. We make sure that dirty air doesn’t go downstream to your production, protecting your equipment and ensuring that your compressor system operates at its best.

To ensure longevity, Performance Air Compressor Solutions connects all pipe in a vertical configuration on each piece of equipment. This smart setup drains any liquid water or oil down to the drain ports, preventing it from being pushed downstream. Keeping your air high quality and clean plays a significant role in determining the longevity of your equipment. That’s why it’s crucial to have your compressed air system piped according to your unique air needs.

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