Air Compressor Lubricant



AEON Silver 4K

The Gardner Denver AEON 4000, a semi-synthetic lubricant with exceptional thermal and oxidation stability. Its patented anti-oxidant package minimizes varnish formation, reducing maintenance and downtime. With its wide temperature range and resistance to oxidative breakdown, it improves compressor efficiency and lowers energy consumption costs. Experience reliable performance and extended service intervals, making it the ideal choice for your lubrication needs.

Aeon 9000SP

Engineered with a carefully crafted blend of PAO and MFSE, this advanced solution ensures outstanding thermal and oxidative stability. AEON 9000SP is the perfect choice for applications that demand extended operating intervals, offering superb demulsibility and precise viscosity control across the compressor’s temperature range. Experience heightened efficiencies, improved safety, and optimal lubricity with this trusted synthetic lubricant. Count on AEON 9000SP for exceptional performance in even the most challenging environments.

Aeon 9000FG

Introducing AEON 9000FG, a premium synthetic blend of PAO and food-grade ester. With an extended service life of 8000 hours, it reduces downtime and disposal costs. This food-grade lubricant ensures safety with a high flash point and delivers exceptional thermal stability across various temperatures. It provides low volatility, superior rust protection, and compatibility with mineral oils. NSFH1 certified for non-toxic use in food processing facilities. Take advantage of the free oil analysis program to optimize lubrication practices. Trust AEON 9000FG for reliable, food-grade performance.

Aeon 9000TH

Experience AEON 9000TH, the ultimate long-life synthetic lubricant specially formulated for harsh service conditions. With its exceptional thermal stability and extended service life of 8000 hours, this PAO/ester blend provides superior wear protection and resists varnish formation. Enjoy optimal condensate separator efficiency, compatibility with air system seals, and heightened safety with its high flash point. AEON 9000TH ensures reliable performance even in challenging environments, reducing downtime and disposal costs. Elevate your air compressor system with AEON 9000TH for unmatched performance and longevity.